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  • UPGRADE FURNITURE DOLLY: Extra large size, L-shaped right angle design can effectively prevent objects from falling off in the move; 4 wear-resistant universal wheels, do not hurt the floor. Each car has 2 brakes, to prevent accidental movement when stationary, ensure safety when using. 1 lifting crowbar, 4 nylon anti-slip stickers, 4 heightening pad, increase the friction between the car and the object, improve the ability to pry the fulcrum.
  • WIDELY USE: This furniture dolly is suitable for transporting all kinds of heavy and large objects, such as sofas, cabinets, refrigerators, piano tables, washing machines, bookshelves, beds and other heavy equipment and any heavy furniture. 4 furniture dolly load capacity of 1300 LB. It can also be used by professional movers company in homes, offices, warehouses or other industrial environments. Furniture dolly is a great helper for your cleaning and moving.
  • UTILITY & SAFE FURNITURE DOLLY: The extended version of the lifting bar and rotate universal wheel allows you to move furniture with less effort. First, put the lifting bar under the furniture and add booster pad depending on the height of the object, use the leverage principle to lift it up (max up to 4.8 inches). Second, put our non-slip pads on the can rotate 360° universal wheels. You can easily and safely move the furniture to your desired location.
  • FLEXIBLE FURNITURE WHEEL: The upgraded pulley is larger in size and equipped with two brakes. High-quality rubber pulleys do not make noise or scratch when moving on the floor, and better protect your floor. 360° rotatable wheels make you more stable and flexible when moving objects. The brakes are designed to prevent objects from moving accidentally when stationary. Turn off the brake when you need to move objects.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE & SERVICE: The Newrgy seller team has improved the pain points of similar products: insufficient load-bearing, rollers do not slide, objects slip, etc. After repeated trials, they have been improved. If the product is still lacking, please contact the sales team, and we will actively solve your problems until you are satisfied.

ONEON Furniture Movers with 360 rotation wheels

SKU: 430
C$66.00 Regular Price
C$33.00Sale Price

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